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Eastern Stars Concert Band N.Z. (Eastern Stars Band Inc) welcomes
beginners to advanced.  Young and old.  
 Auckland New Zealand
Eastern Stars Concert Band

Eastern Stars Concert Band

Eastern Stars Band
Upcoming Events ...
Full list of events below.

Next Big Events 2019:

​12th May 2019. Matamata Brass Music Festival.

9 June. The Concert Band will play at the Pakuranga Park Village on 9 June 2019. 1.30 - 2.30 pm 

23rd June  4.30 pm Solo competition (Youth Band). Pakuranga Intermediate School Hall.

29th June 7.00pm Winter Concert. Venue to be confirmed.

2nd - 4th August 2019. NZCBA Music Festival.  Senior Concert Band. 

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Eastern Stars Concert Band
Proposed Event calendar: for 2019

Learner Band
3rd February. 4.00 pm. Solo Competition. Audition to decide which Band the
Band members should be in.
6th February. 5.30 pm. Commence rehearsals for 2019.
Cadet Band
3rd February. 4.00 pm. Solo Competition. Audition to decide which band the
Band members should be in.
5th February. 7.00 pm. Commence rehearsals for 2019.
Youth Band.
5th February. 7.00 pm. Commence rehearsals for 2019 .
14th April - Youth Band play at Highland Park Retirement Village.  
12th May - Matamata Brass festival
14th May Pizza night (celebration of the performance at Matamata)
28 July Youth Solo Comp 4 pm. Experienced abjudicator will be present. 
Friday 2nd August – Sunday 4th August, 2019 Festival 2019​
Concert Band.
6th February. 7.00 pm. Commence rehearsals for 2019 .
12th May - Matamata Brass festival
15th May Pizza night (celebration of the performance at Matamata)
9 June. The Concert Band will play at the Pakuranga Park Village on 9 June 2019. 1.30 - 2.30 pm 
Friday 2nd August – Sunday 4th August, 2019 Festival 2019
27 th April. 7.00 pm Autumn Concert. Eastgate C.C. is booked (This is the last week of the school holidays)
New learner group starts Wednesady 1 May.   The band has new instruments. 
23 June AGM 4.30 pm at Pak intermediate hall - reports, election of band committee and general business - all members and parents. 
29th June. Winter Concert.   (Conductors were not available on the 6th July) No venue booked yet.  Venue to be advised. 
19 July Ice skating fund raising event (yet to be confirmed). 
2nd - 4 th August. NZCBA Music Festival
28th September. Spring Concert. No venue yet booked. 
24th November. Showcase Performance.

School Holidays Term 1 Holidays. Start 13 Apr 2019 (Sat)  - 28 Apr 2019 (Sun)

Any Sunday Afternoon in 2019. We are looking for a retirement village for our Concert Band (about 25 musicians) to have a playout. However, we are not available on 12th May 2019 or 30 June 2019 or 4 August 2019. 

AGM at the hall at Pakuranga Intermediate. 4.30 pm on Sunday 23 June 2019 4.30 - 5.30 pm 

School Holidays Term 2 Holidays. Start 6 Jul 2019 (Sat)  - 21 Jul 2019 (Sun)  Rehearsals during holidays before Nationals? 

Sunday afternoon 28 July 2019 - perhaps we can find a reirement village for a playout or at least have a special final reheasal - last warm up before the Nationals?  (yet to be confirmed). 

National Competition (Youth and Concert Bands): Friday 2nd August – Sunday 4th August, 2019 Festival 2019.  NZCBA Festival 2019 Auckland will be held at Diocesan School for Girls in Epsom, Auckland.  

School Holidays Term 3 Holidays.  Start: 28 Sep 2019 (Sat)  - 13 Oct 2019 (Sun)

Howick Midnight Madness (Dec  - 2019). Hopefully there will be a time slot for both bands. 
Eastern Stars Concert Band to play at the Howick Santa Parade on the 8th December 2019. 

School Holidays Term 4 Holidays (Secondary) Start: 14 Dec 2019 (Sat)

Other events for 2019
1-3 June - It's the 4th year and this time it will be on the Queen's Birthday weekend. 

10-14 July - Please visit for further info.

2-4 August - Please visit for further info.

24-25 August - Please visit for further info.

Past Events calendar (2018).

January/February 2018:
School holidays end and first rehearsals start February 2018 at Pakuranga Intermediate. Sam will commence on Tuesday 13 Feb 2018 with the 'Eastern Stars Youth Band' Note: This band was previously known as the 'Cadet Band' but we have changed the name for 2018. Joshua Kirk ('Josh') will commence on Wednesday 14 Feb 2018 with the Concert Band. 

Autumn Concert (details to be confirmed).  First concert of the year. The plan is to book Eastview Church as the venue and that this concert take place on the first Saturday evening of the school holidays 14 April 2018. 

Matamata Music Festival. The plan is that the Concert Band (our most senior band) will travel to Matamata to compete on Sunday 20th May 2018.

AGM 24th June 2018  4.30 pm Pakuranga Intermediate.  

Sunday 1st July 2018 Eastern Stars Cadet Band will be having a solo competition at 4.00 pm this Sunday afternoon in the Pakuranga Intermediate School Hall.  

Friday 13 July 2018 Fundraiser Ice Skating at Paradise. 

School holidays:  Saturday 7 July – Sunday 22 July  (Possible reheasal dates: Wed 11th July and/or 18th July).    

At Paradice Ice Skating
490 Te Rakau Drive, Botany. Friday 13th July - 5.45 – 7.15 pm,
(But you can stay later at no extra cost) Entry $12.00 -  Pay at the door.
Invite your friends to support this Band fundraising event.

Winter Concert: Saturday 21 July 2018.  Eastview 7.00 pm.   We will be inviting a choir. 

Sadly, we are not able to attend the 2018 NZCBA Festival due: Hosted by Wellington Symphonic Bands, the 2018 NZCBA Festival will be August 17 – 19, 2018.  Cost of airfares was too great for Eastern Stars.  We are looking to attend future Nationals if they are furthur north than Taupo and within driving distance. 

Sunday afternoon 19 August Solo Competeion at Pakuranga Int. Sam's Band (Youth Band). 

Tongan Wedding - 8/9/2018 Concert Band Playout. 

Youth & Cadet Band schedule:
18th Sep.   Tuesday evening --------- Normal Rehearsal
20th Sep.   Thursday   -  9.00 am.    all day Bus tour around Pakuranga Schools
22nd Sep.   Saturday  -   8.00 pm.   Moon Festival Performance.  Llyod Elsmere Park.
25th Sep.    Tuesday evening --------- Normal Rehearsal
30th. Sep.   Sunday   -   5.00 pm.  Dinner/Concert at Pakuranga Intermediate School.

Sat 13 October 2018: Joint Concert with Manukau Band  at Eastgate Christian Centre, Pakuranga. This is booked. 

Howick Midnight Madness Friday 23/11/2018 Youth band only.  (Performance time to be confirmed). 

Special Event: Solo Competition. Concert Band with Josh. Wednesday 28th November 2018 (7.00 - 9.00 pm) at Pakuranga Intermediate Hall. There will be a Solo comp open to all members of the Concert Band (Eastern Stars most senior band). Parents/family/friends are encouraged to attend and show support. Duets or trios may also enter. Event will be judged by Josh and Sam. No charge for entry and there will be plenty of spare chairs for the audience.

Sunday 2 December 2018 - Ellerslie Santa Parade. (Youth Band with Sam). 

Special Event: Musical Dessert Evening: All Bands. Tuesday 4th December 2018. 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm. Pakuranga Intermediate School Hall. This will be our end of year Christmas breakup party. To entertain the audience, all of the Eastern Stars Bands (Junior/Cadet/Youth/Concert) each conducted by Barrie or Sam or Josh will play a few of their best items. Parents, family and friends of musicians invited (free) to support and encourage. Smart casual dress. This event is free, but please bring a plate (biscuits, cake etc) with some dessert on it. Tea and coffee and soft drinks will be also available. Certificates of achievement (e.g. most improved player etc) will be handed out to winners in various categories.

Final Wednesday Reheasal for Concert Band depending on demand could be 5 December 2018. 

Past Events calendar (2017). 

January 2017:
School holidays end and first rehearsals start end of January/beginning February 2017 at Pakuranga Intermediate. 

8 April 2017: 
The first concert for the year. The 'Autumn Concert'. 7.00 pm. Eastview Baptist Church.  All bands playing Learners Band - Cadet Band  - Concert Band. 
18 June 2017 AGM Sunday 4.00 pm (smaller meeting to vote for changes to the consitution) and 4.30 pm (main AGM meeting)
22 July 2017 'Pre-Festival Winter Concert' 7 - 9pm Eastview Church Botany. All bands playing. 
3rd - 5th August 2017 Whangarei Festival.  Senior Concert Band only. 
Spring Concert 30 September 2017.
15 October Junior Band Solo Competition 4.00 pm 
15 October Cadet Band Solo Competition 5.00 pm 
22 October Concert Band Solo Competition (postponed till 2018)
27 October2017  Ice Skating 6.00 - 7.15 pm (cost $12.00) fundraiser.
17 November 2017 Howick Midnight Madness TBA 
PANMURE CHRISTMAS PARADE HAS BEEN CANCELLED (was to be 2nd. Nov).  We won't be doing this in future years as the format has changed. 
Final rehearsals for all bands for 2017. Cadet Band 14th Nov, 21st Nov, 28th Nov & Youth Band 15th Nov, 22nd Nov, 29th Nov.
3rd December 2017 (Sunday) Ellerslie Santa Parade. 
6th December (Wednesday) is a performance at the end of year Dinner/Break-up. Meaning that there will be no rehearsal that week.10th December (Sunday) SDA Church Performance/Concert. 8.00 - 10.00 pm 14 Penrose Rd., Mt Wellington. Bring your own music stand.

Past Events calender (2016). 
Mary Lin: Term 1 (taking over from and working with Barrie Turner) will be conducting reheasals and/or available on the following dates: 
17 Feb, 2 March, 16 March, 30 March. Term 2: 4 May, 18 May, 1 June, 15 June (from here Mary can come weekly), 22 June, 29 June, 6 July 2016. 
January 2016
Holiday break
February 2016
Cadet Band and Youth Band Rehearsals for 2016 will recommence at the Pakuranga Intermediate School Hall on Wednesday 10th February
Note: If the hall is unavailable due to school parents evening - we will be in the school library. 
March 2016
April 2016
School holidays commence 15 April 2016 and students go back to school Monday 2 May 2016. No rehearsals 22, 27, 29 April. 
10 April 2016 Dinner at Waipuna for Committee members.  20th Anniversary of the band. 
23rd April - the Saturday before ANZAC.  We have the Anzac Concert booked in at Eastgate Christian Centre - 5 Ben Lomond Cres. Pakuranga.  This should be a great show. Commences at 7.00 pm. (Cadet and Youth bands warm up from 6pm). Admittance is $10 adults Students $5.00 Family group of 2 adults and 3 children is $25. Junior band will assemble in the cafe area at 7.00. 
25 April The Youth band have been invited to play again from 10.00 - 10.30 a.m. in Papatoetoe for the ANZAC Parade.  We assemble at 9.30 am outside the Paptoetoe RSA 22 Wallace Rd Paptoetoe. 
May 2016  Sunday 22nd May we have a social event BBQ at Parakai Hotpools for all band members and families. We must let Marie Turner know who is coming so we can book. We will be lighting the BBQ at 3.00 pm.  Entry Cost is $18 for adult and $9 for child but the band will pay the entry fee of those who play in the band (not parents).  Car pool. Band will suplly sausages. 
June 2016
AGM at the hall at Pakuranga Intermediate. 4.30 pm on Sunday 19 June 2016.  We will be looking for people to fill in on the committee (see Marie or David if you are keen to help). 
July 2016: Winter Concert Sat 2 July 2016 (confirmed): That will be the last Saturday before the school holidays begin on Friday 8 July 2016.   
August 2016
September 2016
Spring Concert 10 September 2016  (this date has been confirmed) at Eastgate C.C. 
The school term three ends on Friday 23 September 2016. 
23/09/2016 Ice Skating - Fundraising event. 
25/09/2016 - Open Band rehearsal for the Youth Band. 
October 2016
30 October on Sunday afternoon there is an Open Band Rehearsal 4.00 pm - 6.30 pm (Cadet Band but anyone/everyone is welcome). 
November/December 2016

Past Events calender (2015).
January 2015:
School holidays end and first reheasals start end of January 2015 at Pakuranga Intermediate.  
February 2015:
The WTV Lunarfest playout: 15 Feb 2015. Organized by World TV Group (WTV).  Henderson. Performance at 4.45 pm. 
BBQ at Parakai Hot pools, Hellensville on Sunday 8th March, 2015.
Elm Park Primary School Gala playout. Sunday 22nd March 2015 at noon. 
April 2015:
Anzac Concert. Evening of 18th April. Eastgate Christian Center. Guest performers; 'The Santa Anna Fijian Youth Group.'
Anzac Day 2015 - Papatoetoe RSA (morning of April 26th). 
Nanae Saga guest conductor at band rehearsal (Wednesday evening 29/04/2015).
May 2015:
Wednesday Rehearsal 6th May 2015. Visit from a guest conductor. Mrs Bashnee Naidu.
Natalie Tantrum guest conductor at band rehearsal (Wednesday evening, 13/05/2015). 
June 2015:
Wednesday Rehearsal 10th June 2015. Visit from a guest conductor/violinist Loata Mahe. 
Evening Winter Concert. 27th June (Saturday). $5 per person with under fives free. Eastgage Christian Centre. 7.00 p.m. 
We are keeping our ticket prices nominal, to make music  more accessible to everyone.
July 2015:  Open Rehearsal. Wed. 8th July.  7.00 pm - 9.15 pm.  Pakuranga Intermediate Hall.
A chance for musicians to join with our Youth Band for one night. FREE. 
19 September 2015. Evening Spring Concert ‘ (date now confirmed). 7.00 pm . Just before the end of term 3 (term ends 25 Sept 2015). 
The Tongan Band will be playing as well as the Eastern Stars. 
October 2015
30 October Ice Skating 6.15 - 7.15 Paradise Ice Skating Rink in Botany - Fundraiser. You can stay skating after 7.15 if you want to
(with the public). $12 pp. 
November 2015:
Up Coming ENGAGEMENTS (as in the latest newsletter).
25th November 2015. (Wednesday). 6.00 p.m. Papatoetoe Santa Parade. Kingswood Reserve.
We will be the trucks.
December 2015:
5th. Dec. (Saturday). 9.30 a.m. Panmure Santa Parade. BAND 1 (those who were on the truck with Sam at Paptoetoe) start from carpark on the corner of Kings & Queens Roads, Panmure. Assemble 9.30 a.m.
5th. Dec. (Saturday). 7.00 p.m. Christmas Concert - Panmure Community Hall.
6th. Dec. (Sunday). 10.00 a.m. Ellerslie Santa Parade. BAND 2 (those who were on the truck with Barrie at Papatoetoe) meet middle of Town Centre and assemble 9.30 a.m.
9th. Dec. (Wednesday). 6.00 p.m. Band break up – Pakuranga Int. School Hall. Social event.
N.B. We cancelled our booking for 'Matamata Brass Music Festival' - May 2015' and we did not go ahead with the South Auckland Music Festival (June 2015). Part of the reason was that we put everything into our performance at the Winter Concert.  There was some concern from parents that we were doing too many playouts (leaving parents exhausted) so we decided for 2015 to concentrate on doing fewer concerts, but to doing them well. In 2015 We are putting more effort into band training with guest conductors to motivate and inspire the young players.  We are also looking to getting a new conductor for the senior band for 2016 when Barie Turner retires. 

Eastern Stars Concert Band (Cadets/Youth) rehearse on Tuesday evenings. Eastern Stars Concert Band rehearse on Wednesday evenings (7.00 pm) at Pakuranga Intermediate hall during term time.  We perform at least four concerts per year, including Anzac /Autumn, Winter, Spring & Christmas. We also play various Christmas parades (Papatoetoe, Ellerslie, Panmure, Howick Midnight Madness), as well as attending music festivals/competitions (Matamata and/or Nationals). We play at various school galas (Wakaaranga, Elm Park) etc.  We frequently fundraise for disaster victims and involve the community as much as possible by doing playouts at local resthomes. We are based in Pakuranga, Auckland, N. Z. 
   Eastern Stars Concert Band is a family friendly band. We welcome visitors to our rehearsals.