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Eastern Stars Concert Band N.Z. (Eastern Stars Band Inc) welcomes
beginners to advanced.  Young and old.  
 Auckland New Zealand
We take on people at all stages and ages (8 - 80) Beginner to advanced. Instruments for hire ,
provided by the band, or bring your own. 

Eastern Stars Concert Band
                                                             Gold Award 2018 

East Auckland, New Zealand
Where you can learn saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, drums, bass guitar and other instruments.
Learner Group, Beginner Band, Cadet Band, Youth Band/ Senior Band

  1. What is a Concert Band?
    What is a Concert Band?
    A concert band consists of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, plus electric bass. Repertoire includes original wind compositions, arrangements of orchestral compositions, light music, marches, folk, rock, jazz & Latin.
  2. Brass
    The brass instruments commonly found in the concert band include: Horns, trumpets, cornets, trombones, euphoniums, baritone horns, tubas.
  3. Woodwinds
    The concert band's woodwind section typically includes: Piccolo, flutes, oboes, B♭ clarinets, bass clarinets, bassoons, alto saxophones, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone.
  4. Cadet Band Panmure Christmas (2014)
    Cadet Band Panmure Christmas (2014)
    The Cadet Band playing at the Santa Parade on the 6th of December 2014. The Cadet Band musicians have usually been playing only about 6 months to 2 years.
  5. Anzac Concert (2014)
    Anzac Concert (2014)
    The Vodafone Center in Manukau provided an impressive venue for this event.
  6. Barrie Turner Conducting at Winter Concert (2014).
    Barrie Turner Conducting at Winter Concert (2014).
    Winter Concert at Eastgate Christian Centre Over 200 people attended. Eastern Stars Cadet, Youth and Symphonic bands played, followed in the second half with the New Millennium Band.
  7. South Auckland Festival of Music (2014)
    South Auckland Festival of Music (2014)
    The South Auckland Festival of Music was run by Eastern Stars for local concert bands.
  8. Bassoonists - South Auckland Music Festival (2014)
    Bassoonists - South Auckland Music Festival (2014)
    The bassoon is a woodwind instrument. The bassoon is known for its distinctive tone color, wide range, variety of character and agility. It has a warm, dark, reedy timbre similar to a male baritone voice.
  9. Papatoetoe Santa Parade November (2014)
    Papatoetoe Santa Parade November (2014)
    We had the two trucks ready and set up with 25 chairs on each truck and the large Youth/Concert band divided into 'Band 1' and 'Band 2' each seated on the trucks. Both trucks left on time at 7.00 pm near the very front of the parade. Thousands of people were out to watch.
  10. Matamata Brass Music festival (2014)
    Matamata Brass Music festival (2014)
    Matamata Brass Music Festival at which our two bands, the 'Eastern Stars Youth band' and the 'Cadet Band' each received a Bronze medal. Congratulations to both bands on an admirable performance.
  11. Rest Home Playout (2014)
    Rest Home Playout (2014)
    We took about ten performers to play for the folk at Lansdown Resthome in Howick.
  12. The WTV Lunarfest: 15 Feb (2015).
    The WTV Lunarfest: 15 Feb (2015).
    The WTV Lunarfest: 15 Feb 2015. Organized by World TV Group (WTV). The combined 'Youth Band' assembled at the Trust Stadium in Henderson.
  13. Autumn Concert 2017
    Autumn Concert 2017
    The Concert Band conducted by Mikee Bisquera.
  14. Autumn Concert 2017
    Autumn Concert 2017
    The first concert for the year of 2017.
  15. Autumn Concert 2017
    Autumn Concert 2017
    The Eastern Stars Cadet Band conducted by Sam.

Eastern Stars Concert Band (N.Z)
Dedicated to promoting the learning of musical instruments for performance.

A great opportunity to make friends with people from a variety of cultures.
Music is the universal language. 
Eastern Stars Concert Band
The 'Eastern Stars Concert Band' is made up of performers who have had approximately 3 or more years experience depending on their age and ability. We currently (2018) have youth aged about 12 - 18 years and several older adults.

We have various other learner bands for younger or less experienced adult players. 
This band has matured over past years, The grade of music has advanced. In 2017 we were playing grade 2 - 3 music.  We have now moved  to grade 3 - 4 (2018). The highlight of 2018 was receiving a Gold award at Matamata Festival of Music.
Within the band, members achieving a higher level of playing ability (usually grade 5 or above) are from time to time given an opportunity to show off their talents in a solo performance.  They have an opportunity to have backing from a live band or a pianist. and entertain a live audience.   
Let's Play Together
Eastern Stars Concert Band will help bring your music to life!
Based in Pakuranga, East Auckland, New Zealand (N.Z)
  1. We provide the music
    At weekly rehearsal nights, sheet music is handed out to each player relevant to their particular instrument. Players learn about one new piece each week. Music is carefully selected that both challenges the band and is not too difficult for their level. There is a variety of styles, tempos, keys and time signatures. All performers learn to read music and follow a conductors instructions.
  2. Life skills
    Band members learn about team work, about pride in their appearance and the importance of being on time. The experience enriches the lives of people in so many ways beyond just learning music. The community as a whole benefits. They also learn 'band etiquette'. Multiple cultures and age groups create special challenges to develop social skills to enable people to work together.
  3. Fun
    Young and old enjoy playing music. We also have a variety of social events (2015 has included a BBQ at the hot pools). We believe that music should be enjoyable. It is by the enjoyment that students have a motivation to improve, especially for beginner students.
Come be part of Eastern Stars Concert Band!
Send us a message (see contact page), or contact Barrie Turner on 021 722 171 Auckland New Zealand
Eastern Stars Concert Band (Cadets/Youth) rehearse on Tuesday evenings. Eastern Stars Concert Band rehearse on Wednesday evenings (7.00 pm) at Pakuranga Intermediate hall during term time.  We perform at least four concerts per year, including Anzac /Autumn, Winter, Spring & Christmas. We also play various Christmas parades (Papatoetoe, Ellerslie, Panmure, Howick Midnight Madness), as well as attending music festivals/competitions (Matamata and/or Nationals). We play at various school galas (Wakaaranga, Elm Park) etc.  We frequently fundraise for disaster victims and involve the community as much as possible by doing playouts at local resthomes. We are based in Pakuranga, Auckland, N. Z. 
   Eastern Stars Concert Band is a family friendly band. We welcome visitors to our rehearsals.